Stern Portfolio No. 57 Паоло Пелегрин

Stern Portfolio No. 57 - Паоло Пелегрин
Издательство: te Neues, 2010 г.
Серия: Stern Fotografie
Научный редактор: Имиль Никандр Эдгардович
Верстка: Горошилов Давыд Бориславович
Оформитель: Бекин Емельян Ильич
Количество страниц: 384
Формат: fb2, pdf,txt

Описание "Stern Portfolio No. 57 - Паоло Пелегрин"
Paolo Pellegrin is a journalistic and fine-art photographer with few equals. As well as becoming a full member of Magnum in 2005, he is a contract photographer for Newsweek. The recipient of many prizes, he has achieved various awards including eight World Press Photo and numerous Photographer of the Year accolades. Taking photographs worldwide, his subjects often include the underprivileged and those caught in political conflicts. Pellegrin’s painterly images are both evocative and remarkably original. He is also a celebrity photographer in his own right, profiling some of the most famous faces of our time. Читать книгу бесплатно Stern Portfolio No. 57 Паоло Пелегрин.

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